The “Circassian Issue” is The “Circassian Genocide and Exile”

#6998 Ekleme Tarihi 20/05/2021 06:32:56

On the 21st of May, we are going to announce the "Circassian Genocide and Exile" to the world this year as well under pandemic conditions and mostly on social media ...

We would like to do be united and "one voice" for May 21st in spite of different opinions and so call out to the world public.

Because unity is the longing of the Circassian (Adyghe) people and heralds victory…

It did not happen this year too, but the first step has been taken and we believe that in the following years, we will definitely be united on the "21st of May" and organize it in a manner that will serve to the solution of the "Circassian Issue”.

For us, the 21st of May is the end of the war on which Circassians (Adyghes), one of the most peaceful peoples in the world, fought for their freedom and homeland and the day on which the soldiers of the Russian Empire perform a victory ceremony over the corpses of our ancestors.

For us, the 21st of May is the day on which Circassians (Adyghes), as the defeated side of the war, were subjected to the massacre, on which their homeland was plundered and 90% of their population was sacrificed to genocide and exile.

For us, the 21st of May is the day on which Circassia lost its independence and the Russian Empire declared it to the world.

In other words, the 21st of May is a symbolic day when Circassia and Circassians (Adyghes) were wanted to be destroyed.

If Circassians (Adyghes) live in anxiety about their future today and if our existence is under threat, the Russian Empire is responsible for it and its heir Russian Federation who today does not want to compensate for the consequences of those crimes and prefers to deny it.

For this reason, on every 21st of May, we believe that we should point out those, who are responsible for the "Circassian Genocide and Exile" and those, who have the power to solve the "Circassian Issue”, in other words, interlocutors.

For this reason, on every 21st of May, we should be visible and call for the world by all possible means and methods:

* For the recognition of the “Circassian Genocide and Exile” and its compensation with all its consequences; so for JUSTICE ...

* In order to say " you couldn't exterminate us" to those who organized parades over the corpses of our ancestors and think that they did exterminate the Circassians...

* To show that CIRCASSIA, which was wanted to be erased from maps and memories, is still alive ...


We want justice!

Because justice is "indispensable" to social life, peace, brotherhood, and coexistence.

No one and no power can forever say “No!” to a people’s request for justice.

For this reason, "We Want Justice" is the slogan that most accurately describes the 21st of May, us, and our demands.

If we don't fall into frustration and if we manage to be decisive ... The peoples of Russia will finally hear our voice and one day the Circassian people will again be united in their historical homeland, Circassia.

We call all the Circassians and our friends to be more active on the 21st of May with slogans suitable for the meaning of the day and for our vision of the future and to use social media more powerfully.


Long live the Circassian Nation!

Long live Circassia!

Long Live Our Struggle to Stay Circassian!


The Youth of Circassia


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